I’m James Kemp. I make NZ businesses more money online by focusing on the right things—like conversion, product & audiences.

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I’ve written a book, The Growth Engine, that shows you my simple approach to getting consistent results online.

It’s free, so check it out if that’s your kind of thing.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with NZ’s largest ecommerce sites, media companies, creatives, local businesses and startups.

I specialise in helping people turn ideas and opportunities into a digital and commercial reality.

I’m not available for new projects until November 2015 but my newsletter goes out weekly and contains my best ideas which are pretty dam good.

I don’t understand this internet stuff but apparently he’s really, really good at it.
James' Mum
James' Mum


It’s not just my mum saying it.

James is a skilled operator in the digital space and focuses on delivering commercial outcomes rather than marketing fluff.
Ryan Watkins, GrabOne
Ryan Watkins


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I don’t just pontificate about good ideas, I drop them into businesses through results driven engagements.

The online strategy and services that James and the Growth HQ team run has doubled the business I could get on my own. The ROI I get for my investment and time is ridiculous.
Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists
Andrew Murray
I like to flirt a little bit before getting into a relationship so if you want to chat about a project you can book 30 minutes straight into my calendar.

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