The Secret To Compound Growth


I am yet to meet an online retailer that says: “yep, I’ve got enough traffic” The arms race of site visits and traffic numbers has been driven by the SEO and PPC industry who have perpetuated the myth that more traffic will solve every online businesses growth challenges. While web site traffic is essential, there are many ‘levers’ you can pull … Read More

Getting Into Your Customers Head With Retargeting – A Conversation With Daniel Daines-Hutt

daniel daines-hutt

Daniel Daines-Hutt has quickly established himself as a guru on retargeting. He shares my philosophy of digging deep into your customer’s psyche and really understanding them before you do anything in your business. Retargeting is a powerful system to both increase conversions and lower ad spend – it makes every dollar you spend on marketing work harder. Just starting retargeting will … Read More

Ecommerce Teardown: ASOS

ecommerce teardown asos

The Good: Clean design and prominent calls to action Free shipping and other conversion aids prominent Fast navigation High quality images Segment email subscribers at sign up The Bad: No welcome email to onboard subscribers Shipping rate table is confusing Questionable use of moving images No obvious starting point for browsing shoppers – gift finder, trends tool etc Currency could … Read More

You’re Leaving Money On The Table (free template)

abandon cart template

Don’t have an abandon cart email? Here’s one you can use (Yes, it’s really this simple) Email One – Simple Reminder Send 60 Minutes After Abandonment. This is just a simple reminder that they have left something in their cart. ———- Subject: Forgotten Something? Hi *name*, You were shopping with us but you didn’t complete your purchase. If you wan’t it … Read More

What Tesco Can Teach You About Your Product Range

tesco video intro

Three Steps To Optimise Your Product Range: 80/20 your product range – list them in order of sales, cut the bottom performers Put your main products front and centre – show them early and often to your customers Re-focus on your customer persona – what solves the biggest pains and gives the biggest gains to your ideal customer?

3 Types of Referral Program (and 3 ways to Optimise Your Own)

  Examples of Good Referral Programs: Dollar for Dollar: Uber Percentage Paid to Referrer: Pavlok Tiered: Kitchen Surfing What you’ll often find in ecommerce and online retailers are referral customers that come from referrals from another customer – spend earlier and spend more and a lot more valuable over a lifetime. So make sure you are leveraging your existing customers … Read More

The Minimum Viable Funnel

Everyone wants to be lean these days. Lean startup, design thinking, agile, disruptive, etc etc Often being used in a big word salad. The Lean Startup movement has spawned or popularised a number of valuable concepts. One of them is the Minimum Viable Product. Wikipedia describes an MVP as: “a product which has just enough features to gather validated learning about … Read More

5 Types Of Landing Page To Explode Conversion

Getting people to your site isn’t enough. You have to get them to do something when they arrive. Whether you’re selling products or high-value services you need to capture prospects details and communicate with them to build a relationship. I do it on this very site with the Growth Guide. Unless someone has been referred to me they are unlikely to … Read More

Net Promoter Score: A Simple Way to Collect Massive Data

Data, data everywhere. Some businesses have torrents of it and don’t know what to look at. Some businesses live in a data vacuum. Recently I highlighted one number that is extremely important to every business. Here’s another number that is very important and easy to collect. Net Promoter Score The Net Promoter Score was created by Bain and Company. The … Read More

Why You Need To Hire A Coach This Year

Jose Mourinho is a handsome Portugese guy who also happens to coach football teams. In ten seasons of club management, Mourinho has led his club to win its domestic league eight times, the UEFA Champions League twice and the UEFA Cup once. It’s the nature of success that is most impressive. He’s done it in different locations – Portugal, England, Italy … Read More