3 Tools to Sell More (For Less Than $1 a Day)

Using the right tools will make you faster and more efficient.

But choosing the right sales and marketing tools can be like pulling teeth.

marketing tools

This is what Michelle and I do for fun in the weekends

If you type ‘marketing tools’ into Google you get a mere 529,000,000 results…

Here are 3 that I use:

None of these are affiliate links and I’m not getting paid to promote them.



Yes. I operate at inbox zero

I’m a bit nervous about this one as it’s my dirty little secret and not everyone is going to like it.

I have automatic tracking on all the email’s I send using this tool.

What it is:

Yesware installs a status bar at the top of your Gmail inbox. Every email is tagged with a tracking pixel that loads when someone on the other end opens your email. It also tracks links that you insert into emails and lets you force a registration on people who open them.

How to use it:

If you’re in an email exchange with someone you want to impress or sell to you can use tracking to engineer serendipity. See they opened your email? Send a ‘hey I just saw this article you might like’ or ‘thinking about your project and had this idea’.

Devious? You decide. I prefer to have as much information as I can.


Free plan gives you 100 emails per month. Basic version is $12 USD a month

2. Active Campaign

active campaign results

I’ve talked about email and marketing automation frequently – and for good reason.

They are the highest ROI strategy to make more sales for most businesses.

What it is:

Email newsletters and marketing automation for small and medium businesses. Active Campaign is perfect for most without going to the complexity and expense of something like Infusionsoft.

How to use it:

I’ve showed you how I use automation to capture and nurture people automatically by giving away as much value as I can. Setting aside a day or two to copy this funnel would be one of best time investment’s you could make.

If you wan’t someone to create and execute one for you then send me an email.


Start’s from $9 USD a month for up to 500 users


canva review

You know those nice images you see posted on social media with a quote incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein? Chances are they were made in Canva.

How to use it:

If you lack design skills then Canva have thousands of pre-done templates for social media, proposals, designs and more

What it is:

Design is very important as it defines the impression of you. If an image in presentation or proposal looks cheap and nasty then it doesn’t create a great impression of your expertise. If in doubt be minimalist with your design choices.


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  • Rebecca Caroe July 30, 2015   Reply →

    So James, why don’t you have affiliate codes on all those?

    • James Kemp July 30, 2015   Reply →

      I offered advice free of influence 😛

      (and it would probably take more time to setup than I would make back)

  • Paula Gosney July 31, 2015   Reply →

    Love Canva to pieces! Thanks

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