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4 Must Try Digital Marketing Strategies Launched in 24 Hours or Less

Time is important.

The time you prepare and act on any decision decides the growth and success of your business.

So it’s not surprising that many businesses take a few weeks or even months to launch ads and other digital marketing campaigns.

One major decision in a business is the timeliness of a marketing campaign. A classic example is Oreo’s tweet ‘You can still dunk in the dark” during a blackout in one of the Super Bowl Series. It’s brilliant in a sense that it’s timely.

Are there effective digital campaigns that you can prepare and launch in less than a day?

The answer is a sweet yes.

How do you start preparing for your digital marketing campaign?

The answer to the question is simple; you need to research and consistently create valuable content. This content will be distributed to multiple channels and platforms. The information needs to involve relevant industry information that can both entertain and provide valuable insights to your audience.

What are the different tools to use in a digital marketing campaign?

There are tons of tools that are used in various campaigns, but some tools are only applicable for a particular job. You don’t cut a tree with a toothpick, right? Of course, you will use a chainsaw for that job.

Here are some of the tools to consider based on their purpose:

Infographics – if you want to make your message more visual and pleasing to the eye, then you will need this tool. Infographics are great for citing competitive advantages or highlighting benefits of your products and services.

Articles – the most common but still a powerful tool to use in your business website, blogs, newsletters, etc. You can publish short or long articles. It all depends on how in-depth you want to be with your messages.

Streaming Services – if you want a substitute for traditional radio and TV ads, then this tool is for you. A good example is Pandora and Hulu. They can stream your ads in between TV shows on their site.

Google Pay-Per-Click – you can advertise using keywords that are most relevant to your business. Google PPC is a popular tool utilised by digital marketing companies to gather a considerable amount of traffic that clients need for their sites.

Social Media – what else can I say about social media that you don’t already know? Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram are popular channels to take advantage of. They can bring you closer to your target market, and you can use them to promote your business.

Video Streaming – there are several video streaming sites on the web, but YouTube is the most used site for this purpose. You can upload any promotional content about your business for free on this site.

Apps – there are tons of mobile devices and gadgets on our planet today. Your prospects are definitely using one of these devices. The best way to leverage this is to create an app that can capture their attention. An app can also be a useful tool to educate your prospects about your products and services.

Using Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Now that you know the type of tools you can use, it’s time to incorporate strategies that are proven in the industry. One such strategy is the integrated marketing campaign. There are steps to take to make this method a success.

Step 1: Identifying who your target audience is

It’s important to clearly identify your audience and know their attitudes, behaviours, and pain points. You can easily develop messages for your target audience if you know their wants and needs. That is why it’s essential to conduct proper research to get the information from them.

Step 2: Choosing the right channels

Choose the right media channel that is suitable to your business. Make sure that it is where your prospects are, because your main goal is to get your message to these individuals.

Step 3: Establish your visual identity

Branding is an essential aspect of your business and you need to establish your visual identity.  You must understand though that visual identity is far more than your logo. You must be consistent with your company colours, fonts, and overall graphic presentation of your website and newsletters.

Step 4: Publishing content that is integrated and can be repurposed to different media channels

Your content must be set up to drive traffic to your business website or any of your main landing pages. Whether you’re submitting an article, blog post, video or infographic material to any site on the web, it must have a link that points back to your target site. Also, use valuable content that can be repurposed to other media channels on the web.

Step 5: Tracking campaigns through proper analytics

The most important aspect of a digital marketing campaign is to know the result of your efforts. You must have accurate data of your progress. There are several analytics tools on the Internet, but nothing compares to Google Analytics. It’s widely used by marketers and it can accurately render the numbers and data that you’re looking for.

4 Digital Marketing Campaigns that You Can Launch in 24 Hours

  • Facebook Ad Campaign – if you want to effectively tap into your target market, you can use the paid Ad campaign option on Facebook. This will enable you to allocate a budget for a particular content on your FB page. The system will prioritise that content and it will be more visible to your target audience. You can even set various adverts for different types of audience, so you can identify which content works better. All these marketing activities can be launch within 24 hours.


Facebook Ad (1)


  • Email Marketing – this method will entail two important steps. The first one is to build an email list which you will use as the primary respondents of your message. This will require you to capture the email addresses of your prospects via your website. For this to happen, you must give your site visitors a reason to input their email ad on your capture forms.


Email Advert (1)


Growth HQ has setup a great system for this particular purpose. Once a prospect has signed up to our email list; their emails will be sent to an online database and we can easily send them an email back with just one click.

  • Google Pay-Per-Click – using this method, you can easily target a keyword or key phrase that your target market uses on Google Search. Although this will cost a bit more than any other marketing campaign, you can easily set it up within 24 hours.


google-pay-per-click (1)

  • Ad Retargeting – technically, this method will require you to create a java script code, which creates a list of people who are visiting your site. This will enable you to display your ads to potential customers when they visit other websites. Imagine this, you can easily send your messages to your prospects wherever they go online. It’s truly a powerful stuff at your disposal and you can easily launch it within the day.


ad retargeting example (1)


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