Episode 003 – James MacAvoy of Goodnest

Welcome to Growth HQ Podcast, Episode 3.  Today’s guest is James MacAvoy of Goodnest.  James has been involved in several internet businesses over the course of his life including Xero, Trade Me, and Retail Works.  Goodnest is an on demand cleaning service with several locations in New Zealand.

James says on demand services are enjoying steady growth.  Goodnest allows customers to book cleaning services for their home or business and cleaners employed by the company take care of the job.  Word of mouth has been a great tool for the ability for James to grow the business.

We dive into many details of the on demand service market, hiring the right people and gaining trust.

James warns not to underestimate the operational work that’s involved with managing a service based business.  Technology is helping immensely, but there is no substitute for face-to-face training and execution to business operations.

For James being an entrepreneur means having the curiosity to aspire to do something unique.  He says look at what other companies are doing, but don’t follow in their footsteps, do something a bit unique from the others.  It’s a matter of finding things consumers want and building upon that.

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