Episode 002 – Trent Mankelow of Trade Me

This week on the Growth HQ podcast I sit down for a chat with Trent Mankelow, Chief Product Officer at Trade Me.  Trade Me is New Zealand’s largest market place and Trent and I have a really dynamic discussion around the growth this business model in recent years.

The feverish adoption of mobile content consumption has driven marketplace businesses challenge the assumptions they’ve made in the past few years.  Ebay Now, Tinder, and others are disrupting these markets every day and making other founders reexamine the approach they’re taking to their businesses.

Trade Me itself is changing quickly.  With some software and website updates coming in the next few months it is preparing itself for some of the changes that Trent sees coming very soon to the web.  Changes like this are important to the web community in New Zealand as Trade Me is a cornerstone of the web business.

You can learn more about Trent and find out what he’s up to on Twitter @TrentMankelow and on email him at trent.mankelow@trademe.co.nz

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