Screw complexity: Choose the Boring Path

Gym’s are strange places.

There’s the machine people who seem to sit there for days idly peddling, barely raising a sweat. There’s the muscle heads who scream, throw weights around and wan’t everyone to know they are there.

There’s also the guys who are using the latest piece of fancy equipment and inventing extremely complex new exercises.

boring training

What could possibly go wrong?

They have the best intentions but they arent doing things that worked for hundreds of years

Exercise is a lot like business.

Despite the latest, trendiest fad the old way’s often work.

Big, shiny ideas are everywhere. They come to us in the middle of the night, we read them on blogs and scribble them on whiteboards.

Idea’s are magnificent, powerful things that fuel innovation and passion.

But just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD.

My Dad used to tell me that more millionaires were created from dry cleaning than any other business.

Dry cleaning.

It’s not sexy or disruptive or innovative. It’s washing other people’s dirty clothes.

But they have a strong business by solving a problem for a large group of people in a way that people are prepared to pay for.

That’s what makes a good business.

A good business is not made by viral marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements and massive PR.

Do those things help?

Sure. But unless you’ve got a good product that solves your customer’s pains and gives them tangible gains then you’re always going to be tough.

How I Regularly Disappoint Clients

I work with a range of businesses to grow their revenue through digital channels. When we get to the end of the strategy day there are two things the client often feels.



Relief in the sense they have tasks to execute to move them towards a goal.

A pang of disappointment that most of those tasks are logical and simple.

They wan’t to use the latest and greatest tactics in their business and regularly they do.

But until they have laid down a base of proven actions that deliver measurable ROI they shouldn’t.

Choose Three Things

What one action will improve traffic to your website in the next 30 days?

What one action will improve conversion on your website in the next 30 days?

What one action will improve the profitability of your customer in the next 30 days?

Choose something that works.

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